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Donaldson International Inc. Head Offices and Training Facility
Jim with a Duroc Boar Donaldson International Inc.
Head Offices and Training Facility
Yorkshire Boar                                                Landrace Boar

Our Company's History, Profile and Proud Achievements

Donaldson International Inc. was established in 1979 and is Canada's most experienced swine genetics exporting company. Family owned and operated, Jim Donaldson and son Reagan, are the faces behind the operation. Both compliment each other and efficiently operate the business to ensure every client is satisfied. The genetics exported by Donaldson International have had a positive impact in over 50 countries around the world. Initially, 100% of the Duroc population in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Holland, Australia and New Zealand all came from Canada and were exported by Donaldson International. A high percentage of the Yorkshire found in these countries also came from Canada. 95% of the swine genetics in Cuba today came from Canada.

Donaldson International was the first Canadian company to export Canadian swine genetics to China, Slovakia, Norway, Sweden, Thailand, Venezuela, South Africa, Chile, Taiwan, Korea, the Philippines and Brasil.

Jim and Reagan inspecting Gilts prior to export

Baby Duroc Boar
We are frequently travelling the world, whether it is on a government trade mission, participating in an agricultural exhibition, or following up with our friends, customers and partners. We are always interested in meeting with potential customers and answering any questions they may have about Canadian swine genetics or technology found in Canada.

Donaldson International has been breeding top genetics since 1980 and has helped to develop many of the top bloodlines found in North America today. In addition to our swine herd Topgen Swine, we have been working very closely with the purebred breeders of Canada for the last 40 years. With our knowledge of the genetic history of these farms, we know exactly where to find the leading Canadian genetics that will improve and advance any breeding program.

With our extensive experience and knowledge, Donaldson International organizes the selection, quarantine, government health testing, logistics, insurance, loading and crating to ensure that all animals arrive at their destination in top condition. We can help you design and establish a GGP nucleus herd, a GP herd or a commercial herd, stocked with top quality Canadian genetics; genetics that lead the world in all areas, such as leanness, meat quality, growth rate, feed efficiency, sow productivity, freedom from the PSS and RN Genotypes, strength of feet and legs and most important of all, freedom from disease.

Over the years, Donaldson International has become internationally recognized for supplying superior, high quality Canadian swine genetics. From the feedback that we have received from our customers, we are confident that Canadian pigs are genetically superior when compared to other global suppliers. Donaldson International is truly the "Canadian Swine Export Specialist"

What has made Donaldson International become known as

Jim & Reagan personally conduct a careful inspection of the breeding pigs before they leave the farm for their international destination.

We crate the animals according to the customer's wishes and the pigs' comfort in specially constructed shipping crates with a supply of water.

Jim & Reagan travel with the pigs from the farm to the airport to oversee proper loading.

If necessary, Jim, Reagan or a livestock specialist will travel with the animals to ensure they have ample water & feed and that the temperature in the aircraft is appropriate.

We protect the strict bio-security protocol during the entire transportation process to ensure that the animals health status is not at risk.

We provide very important follow-up and support services to maintain a long term business and friendly relationship.

Donaldson International is the only Canadian swine exporter with a Canadian government approved early weaning quarantine facility. The facility is used to quarantine animals and conduct ongoing swine research that can be used at the commercial level.

Established in 1979, we were the first professional swine exporting company in Canada.

We have exported purebred GGP and GP Canadian genetics to over 50 countries worldwide.

We have supplied terminal and maternal lines to 3 of the multinational breeding companies around the world.

Jim Donaldson was the first General Manager of the Ontario Swine Breeders Association. He was the Founding member and now past president of the Canadian Swine Exporters Association. He is President of the Canadian Swine Breeders Association 2011-2013. Jim is also an active Director for Canadian National Livestock Records Corporation, a Director for the Oxford County Pork Producers Association and a member of the Research Committee for Ontario Pork.

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