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Donaldson International forms alliance with South Africa

# Title Author/s Format
1 Donaldson International and Alliance Genetics South Africa form strategic partnership Article in "Today's Farmer" top of page
2 Why Canada is recognized as number one
in the world for pork quality!
Jim Donaldson On this page
3 Potential Application of Genomics for
Improving the Quality of Canadian Pork
Mohsen Jafarikia, Frédéric Fortin, Laurence Maignel,
Stefanie Wyss, Brian Sullivan
4 Genomic evaluation for litter size in
Canadian Yorkshire pigs
Mohsen Jafarikia, Flavio Schenkel, Frédéric Fortin,
Laurence Maignel, Stefanie Wyss, Brian Sullivan
5 Effect of IGF2 Gene on Sow Productivity Traits Mohsen Jafarikia, Laurence Maignel, Flavio Schenkel,
Stefanie Wyss, Wlm Van Berkel, Brian Sullivan
6 Using Ultrasound Technology to predict
Loin Intramuscular Fat Content in Live Pigs
L Maignel, J.-P. Diagle, N. Plourde,
C.Gariépy, Brian Sullivan
7 Use of loin intramuscular fat content predicted with
ultrasound technology in the Canadian Swine Improvement Program
Laurence Maignel, Jean-Paul Diagle, Stefanie Wyss,
Fredéric Fortin, Brian Sullivan
8 Summary for Backfat and Age at 100 Kg (2013) Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement PDF
9 Potential Application of Genomics to Reduce Boar Taint Levels
in Three Canadian Swine Breeds
J. Squires, M. Jafarikia, F. Schenkel, S. Wyssto, F Fodinln,
Van Berkel, R de Wolde and B. Sullivan
10 Genetic Trends for herds active in 2013 Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement PDF
11 Sow Productivity Summary (2013) Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement PDF
12 Genome-wide Association Study for
Loin Marbling Score in Canadian Duroc pigs
A. Neustaetert, D. A. Grossil, M. Jafarikia, M. Sargolzaeil and F. Schenkell PDF
13 Prediction of Boar Taint in Major Breeds
of Canadian Pigs Using Genetic Markers
M. Jafarikia, J.Squires, F. Schenkel, F. Fortin,
S. Wysst, W. Van Berkela, B. Sullivanl, R. de Wolde)
14 Genomics Tools for Improving Health and Production Per{ormance of Canadian Pigs M. Jafarikia and B. Sullivan PDF
15 Potential Application of Genomics to Improve Meat Colour M. Jafarikia and B. Sullivan,
Fredéric Fortin, Laurence Maignel, Stephanie Wyss.


Why Canada is recognized as number one in the world for pork quality!

Canadian hog producers and processors work hard to not only provide a reliable supply of safe and healthy pork, but also to enhance the quality to match the demands of consumers around the world and ensure that we remain the leading exporter of pork. This effort includes ongoing genetic testing by Alliance Genetics Canada for such things as the Halothane Gene and intramuscular fat in our Duroc sire lines. The Canadian Duroc is well known for high intramuscular fat which provides the juiciness and flavour to the meat, the Duroc holds other pork quality attributes such as having the ideal colour, excellent water holding capacity, and ideal pH.

Ontario Swine Improvement Inc (OSI) represents the Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement (CCSI) in Ontario and conducts unbiased genetic evaluations such as ultrasound work that has been used extensively by our family farms to measure back fat and lean depth. This technology has had a huge impact on the efficiency of our selection program in Canada to produce leaner and more prolific pigs. Canada is the first country in the world to have adopted and use the BLUP genetic selection program administered by CCSI, and as a result our back fat thickness has decreased by over 40% between 1980 and 2012. Our slaughter plants and consumers in Canada, have indicated that the "pork is lean enough, lets improve the flavour." It has been proven in Canada, the USA and Denmark that intramuscular fat is necessary for a juicy, tender and flavourful cooked product. It is for this reason that the Pietran breed, which is extremely lean with no intramuscular fat, carried the PSS gene, is extremely slow growing, and has poor feed efficiency does not have a place in the Canadian pork production system, and is why we use the Duroc as the terminal sire line.

The Canadian swine industry continues to adopt new technologies to ensure that Canadian pork remains the pork of choice around the world. In the past 3 years Alliance Genetics Canada has adopted a new technology for the evaluation of intramuscular fat on our Duroc lines. This technology offered through OSI and CCSI enables participants to predict loin intramuscular fat accurately on our live Duroc animals. Canada is the first country to include such measures in the national genetic program and provides Alliance Genetics Canada with this valuable information on our Duroc lines showing meat quality. Ultrasound measurements have been used in the beef cattle industry for several years now to predict intramuscular fat in beef cattle and in recent years we have adapted this technology for swine.

Intramuscular fat has shown to be a highly heritable trait and expected genetic gains could be as much as 0.2% per generation. These evaluations will rapidly provide tools for choosing the right terminal boars to tailor commercial pigs to specific meat markets. Today's international and domestic markets have very specific requirements, and we can see an increasing demand for high intramuscular fat levels, particularly in the Pacific Rim.

The next time you having a family meal and enjoying delicious pork, you can be sure that the Canadian swine breeders have you, the consumer in mind and are continuing to put their emphasis on improving pork quality.
When grocery shopping, insist on Canadian Pork, #1 in the world for pork quality!

Jim Donaldson
February, 2012

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